Poster design

Poster design

This poster was designed in Photoshop CC. I captured the photo of the two actors during a rehearsal performance and then used a combination of stock photos with various blend modes to create the background. Typographic choices were inspired by the colours and design of the actors costumes and the content of the festival. Vintage textures were added to evoke the classic era referenced by the festival’s director.


Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo design for a digital marketing agency.


Poster Design

Poster Design


Another poster for the St. Lawrence Shakespeare festival in the same series and style as the previous poster.

Poster Design

Poster Design

Preliminary artwork for an upcoming documentary about the history of hockey and the NHL.

Illumination Experience – Cinematography Workshop

I was really impressed by this workshop from DOP Shane Hurlbut (Terminator Salvation, Need For Speed, Into the Blue). I travelled to Toronto with the crew from Dan Rascal to attend in person and really enjoyed the experience. Shane was a great presenter and his passion for cinematography and lighting is contagious. I really liked the fact that he greeted each attendee personally and took great care to answer questions thoughtfully. 



Adobe CC is like a playground for creatives. It blows my mind what is capable across this platform, and the integration between apps is phenomenal. I’ve also been really impressed with the introduction of apps for my iPad and I’m looking forward to new developments and improved workflows.

Apps that I use regularly:


After Effects






Acrobat (DC)

Speed grade




I have been using Lynda.com for more than five years and I have found the site invaluable to my growth as a professional. As an autodidact I find myself constantly diving into new subjects and developing both hard and soft skills related to a wide ranges of disciplines including business, video production, editing, copywriting, marketing, graphic design and more.

As someone who felt out of place in traditional academic settings I have been incredibly grateful for the services offered by the site and recommend it every chance I get for it’s incredible value.

Royal Ottawa Golf Club

This production was uniquely Canadian in a couple of ways.

#1. The weather swung wildly from beautiful and sunny to rainy and bleak. 

#2. Our actors had to leave in the middle of production for a hockey tournament for more than a few hours. 

Both these challenges made my role as Assistant Director very difficult but I’m the end we were able to get what we needed in the time we had. 

Client: Royal Ottawa Golf Club

Production Company: Dan Rascal

Director: Adriano Paglierallo 

My role – Assistant Director 

Dan Rascal


I worked with Dan Rascal productions from June 2014- June 2015. During that time my responsibilities included:

-Project management for video projects including advertisements, music videos and corporate
-Developing strategies and consulting on best practices for content
-Budgeting video projects
-Creating call sheets and shot lists for shoot days
-Scheduling shoot days and managing time via shot lists
-Managing cloud based project folders
-Hiring independent contractors
-Securing locations for video shoots

-Video editing
-Perform the duties of various crew positions including camera operator and lighting technician/grip