I am a digital producer and marketer interested in creating compelling content and finding unique/effective ways of connecting with audiences.

As a teenager I wanted to become a mixed martial arts champion but I gave up on this idea after getting my ass kicked repeatedly by friends and training partners who were more dedicated and talented than I was. These beat downs helped me learn humility and the importance of staying grounded in reality. More importantly, through martial arts I learned the value of discipline, hard work, consistency and personal growth.

I studied and worked in the fitness industry for several years but after some time and soul searching I realized that the industry was a poor fit for me. Since leaving the fitness industry I haveĀ  rededicated my personal growth towards achieving my goals of producing and directing creative content.

My goals are as lofty as they have ever been but they no longer include being punched or kicked in the head professionally. Instead I am committed to daily practice and self directed learning in the various business and creative aspects that comprise digital production.

I consider myself to be more of a generalist than a specialist, someone who is compelled to figure out how various elements fit together to create something larger, rather than examining too closely how each individual part is made. Over time I have compiled a long list of skills and a deep pool of knowledge that helps me work effectively in collaborative environments and pursuits of creativity.

I spend most of my days balancing my time between working on creative projects, learning/developing practical skills and being the best father I can be to my daughter.


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