Digital Producer and Marketer

I am a digital producer and marketer and I have been producing content for the web since 2011. This


I have been practicing photography since 2010 when I bought my first Canon DSLR and kit lens.


  This poster was designed in Photoshop CC. I captured the photo of the two actors during a

Gary’s Automotive

This was a very ambitious production that was spread out over six exhausting days, but it was still a very fun experience. Geoff McKay did a great job, both on and off camera, at keeping the whole cast and crew laughing non-stop.  Client: Gary’s Automotive Production Company: Dan Rascal Director: Luca Fiore & Adriano Paglierallo 

Royal Ottawa Golf Club

We had only one day to shoot this ad for the ROGC. As Assistant Director I had to have every minute planned out and keep the full cast and crew on schedule as we zipped across the course in golf carts.  Client: The Royal Ottawa Golf Club Production Company: Dan Rascal Director: Adriano Paglierallo My

Crowded Room – The Split

I wish I had been at this event, sadly I was not and had to settle with watching in Premiere CC as I edited this video. I’m a big fan of this track with it’s laid back style and a healthy dosage of soul and swagger. There were six cameras which meant six tracks on

Royal Ottawa Golf Club

This production was uniquely Canadian in a couple of ways. #1. The weather swung wildly from beautiful and sunny to rainy and bleak.  #2. Our actors had to leave in the middle of production for a hockey tournament for more than a few hours.  Both these challenges made my role as Assistant Director very difficult


This was my first production working with the crew from Dan Rascal. We had a lot of fun making this commercial and we were lucky to get some really nice weather. Ottawa is a really beautiful city and production took us to a couple of my favourite spots in the city including the Arboretum and


Client: Corel Production Company: Dan Rascal Director: Luca Fiore My role – Producer and Assistant Director


Client: Corel Production Company: Dan Rascal Director: Luca Fiore My role – Producer and Assistant Director

Dan Rascal

I worked with Dan Rascal productions from June 2014- June 2015. During that time my responsibilities included: -Project management for video projects including advertisements, music videos and corporate -Developing strategies and consulting on best practices for content -Budgeting video projects -Creating call sheets and shot lists for shoot days -Scheduling shoot days and managing time via


Adobe CC is like a playground for creatives. It blows my mind what is capable across this platform, and the integration between apps is phenomenal. I’ve also been really impressed with the introduction of apps for my iPad and I’m looking forward to new developments and improved workflows. Apps that I use regularly: Premiere After